28 päeva

Annan alustuseks teada, et alustan jälle seda, mida viimati tegin novembris – 28 päeva järjest blogimist.

Viimasel ajal katsun põrandalt kokku kraapida selle, mis minust veel järel ja teeselda, et me ei veetnud just viis kuud pimeduses.

Märts on nii feik nagu. Tuleb ja särab silma ja kui vihjan, et tõmba vaiksemaks, alles oli jaanuar pealkirjaga “Ah miks üldse”, siis märts on nagu et mis räägid, pole olnud, saa üle.

Aasta esimesed kuud läks mul elu allamäge ja kui minna lasta, siis läheb väga kiiresti, nii et nüüd on taastusravi, mis võtab ka võhmale.

Aga kodu pole enam kohutav kaos ja tolmurullid, sest olen jõudumööda korda loonud. Meeleolu on ka vägisi parem.

Olen isa raamatu kirjastamise lainel ja see teeb ebatervet rõõmu. Hooandjas on projekt üleval, nii palju on toetajaid ja seel tugi annab julgust ja jõudu.

Kui mu isa kirju kirjutas, siis ta pani lõppu “Rõõmsat jõudu!”

Ühesõnaga tahaks igasugu asju oma isast ja raamatust rääkida, panna pilte Kristeli tööprotsessist ja mis kõik.

Lisaks mul on surma teemal paar nalja, mida õudselt jagada tahaks.

Kuulan praegu Stefflon Don’i “16 Shots”. Diss my mother then your skin start bleed.

Oleks ideaalne lugu, aga miks ometi see autotune.

Kristel illustreerib praegu lugu “Ämblikuvõrk”. Sellest loost tahan eraldi rääkida ühel neist 28 päevast.

6 thoughts on “28 päeva

  1. “Gather around, my dear readers, for I shall embark on a journey of self-reflection and introspection. Once more, I shall commence the daunting task of daily blogging for 28 consecutive days, an endeavour that I last undertook in the bleak month of November.

    In recent times, I have been attempting to pick up the pieces of my fragmented existence and pretend that the last five months of my life have not been spent in the abyss of darkness. March seems so counterfeit, so false, with its pretentious light and ostentatious demeanour. When I hint that we ought to tone down the clamour and chaos, all that this month seems to retort is an indignant “What nonsense! I haven’t even been here that long. Move on!”

    The first few months of this year have taken a heavy toll on me, dragging me down to the depths of despair. Alas, it is easier to succumb to the insidious darkness than to brave the light. But I shall not wallow in self-pity any longer, for I have embarked on a journey of recovery, a journey that leaves me breathless and exhausted.

    Fortunately, my abode is no longer a wretched mess of chaos and disarray, as I have been gradually cleaning up my surroundings. This has done wonders for my mood and outlook on life, injecting a much-needed dose of positivity into my existence.

    My father’s book, which is currently being published, has brought me an unhealthy amount of joy. The project has been put up on Hooandja, and there are already a handful of supporters rallying behind it. Their unwavering support has given me the courage and strength to keep pushing forward.

    Whenever my father wrote letters, he would always sign off with the phrase “Wishing you boundless strength and unbridled joy!” How aptly it applies to my current situation.

    In short, I am itching to share all sorts of stories about my father, his book, Kristel’s artistic process, and more. Additionally, I have a couple of jokes about death that I am dying to share.” – OpenAI in english, style of Dovstojevsky


  2. See. On. Sõltuvust. Tekitav.

    OpenAI, style of Juhan Viiding:

    Yo, dawg, let me holler at ya for a minute. So, I’m back at it, doing what I did last November – writing blogs for 28 days straight.

    I’ve been trying to scrape together what’s left of me off the floor lately, trying to pretend that we haven’t just spent five months in the dark. March is trippin’ me out, man. It comes around all shiny and bright, and when I mention that we were just in January asking ourselves “why even bother,” March be like “huh, what you talkin’ about? That was ages ago, man!”

    The first few months of this year were a total drag, man. When you let yourself go, things just slip away too fast. But I’m getting my groove back now, although I gotta admit, this rehab business is no walk in the park.

    Anyway, my crib ain’t a total mess anymore, and I’ve done what I could to tidy up. And my mood is starting to pick up too.

    I’m totally stoked about my dad’s book being published. It’s up on Hooandjas, and we’ve got mad supporters, which gives me the power to keep on keepin’ on.

    My old man used to end his letters with “Keep on keepin’ on, and keep it real!”

    So, anyway, I got all sorts of things to tell ya, man. Stuff about my dad and his book, and also about Kristel’s workflow and whatnot.

    Oh, and I got a couple of sick jokes about death that I’m dying to share with ya, man.


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